2018 Releases – The Exciting and The Worrying

The new year is almost upon us, and while 2017 was a fairly good year for films – save for the poor blockbuster season we had. Of course, there are still a few to come this year: Star Wars, The Greatest Showman and Jumanji. However, 2018’s releases look even better. Well, not all of them. … Continue reading 2018 Releases – The Exciting and The Worrying


The Best TV Christmas Specials

What's better than cuddling up at Christmas with friends and family, hot drinks, blankets and watching a TV show you've seen a thousand times - here are some of my favourites that never get old.   The Simpsons – Skinner’s Sense of Snow I’m still quite young. For now. So, at Christmas I’m still reminded … Continue reading The Best TV Christmas Specials

The X Files Season 11 Trailer

I only recently posted about a trailer, but I was spoiled last week with both Star Wars and The X Files. I couldn’t ignore my favourite FBI agents any longer. Even though most X Files content since 2000 has been something of a disappointment, I couldn’t help but be excited about Spooky and Starbuck’s return … Continue reading The X Files Season 11 Trailer