‘Men Explain Things to Me’ in the #MeToo Era

I remember spotting this book in a Waterstone’s not long after it was published. I was drawn in by the cover and title, and put off by the word ‘essays’. To be fair to myself, I was barely sixteen and shopping for prom jewellery at the time – in the midst of my GCSEs, the … Continue reading ‘Men Explain Things to Me’ in the #MeToo Era


Spoiler Review: Solo

Before seeing this film, I had in mind exactly what most pop culture outlets had been saying for months: ugh, what an unnecessary story… a troubled production? It can only be a mess… at least Lando looks good. Surprisingly, I was wrong about two of those things.

Does Tomb Raider Break The Curse?

The video-game-movie-curse has plagued cinema since the days of the Super Mario Bros. movie. While book-to-movie adaptations make some of our favourite films and financial successes, from To Kill a Mockingbird to Harry Potter, games are not so easy to adapt. Perhaps part of the reason for this curse is that video games are created … Continue reading Does Tomb Raider Break The Curse?

Why I Won’t Watch Heathers (2018)

Remakes have been Hollywood’s answer for a few years now. Nostalgia sells, cinemas are worried that no one wants to go to the movies anymore, seems like a good idea, right? I’ll admit, I love remakes and reboots – Ghostbusters was great, it complemented the original and was worlds better than the sequel to the … Continue reading Why I Won’t Watch Heathers (2018)