The Paradise Snare and Solo

In honour of the Solo trailer, I will be reviewing some old Star Wars stuff I’ve come across. A brief synopsis of this book? Han accidentally joins a cult, I suppose. Surprisingly, judging by the teaser for Solo, this novel may shed a little light on Disney’s inspiration for Han’s backstory.


Three Billboards Review

Up for seven Academy Awards, this Oscar hopeful caused some controversy on Twitter a few weeks ago. Though critics are loving this film, a portion of the audience seem to think it’s simply a bad movie. I finally caught it in the cinema this week, and I think I understand the criticisms. Whilst I didn’t … Continue reading Three Billboards Review

Why I Won’t Watch Heathers (2018)

Remakes have been Hollywood’s answer for a few years now. Nostalgia sells, cinemas are worried that no one wants to go to the movies anymore, seems like a good idea, right? I’ll admit, I love remakes and reboots – Ghostbusters was great, it complemented the original and was worlds better than the sequel to the … Continue reading Why I Won’t Watch Heathers (2018)